Tinkerhub KMCTCE

A community dedicated to peer-to-peer learning and connecting students with resources. We provide students with opportunity to study, grow, and expand their technical abilities.

About us

Our mission

Tinkerhub’s mission is to empower people, whether it be a student or a tech-enthusiast, by giving them an opportunity to learn emerging technology skill sets which would accelerate innovation within one’s learning path, and make them future ready tech-talents. By pursuing this mission, the Foundation aims at creating a focussed platform to accelerate learning of skills to be on par with the global technology ecosystem and the new global workplace. Tinkerhub works as a community of enthusiasts that focuses on nurturing co-creation and catalysing a technology learning culture through peer-to-peer or reciprocal learning.

Our Vision

Thus by equipping individuals with future technologies, the foundation aims at creating a potent workforce, capable of unlocking the vast reservoir of untapped potential, in the form of creativity and innovation that the youth of the 21st century holds. Choice is the greatest luxury one can have; and to exercise that, it is only imperative that we arm each and every student with the right options to choose. By improving specific learning outcomes, Tinkerhub essentially places People First by empowering these individuals with technology education and skill sets, to make sustainable choices and multi-dimensional solutions, that the complex new world needs.

Things we do

Skills Enhancement

We aim at providing the opportunity and knowledge to develop the necessary skills to gain experience in your desired fields through our experienced instructors.


We hold regular gatherings to foster deep ties among our members and to promote peer-to-peer learning.


Our bootcamps provide intensive training for students that include practice sessions and training assignments.


Join in on our workshops, talks, interactive sessions and a lot more to pick up a new skill or to enhance your skill through our well educated instructors.


We frequently host informative and interactive webinar sessions to provide excellent education to our students.

Mentoring and support

We provide outstanding support to students as they progress through their technical education. We offer step-by-step instructions and 24/7 support.

Meet our team

Anjana V
Campus Lead
Rashad Hameed
Co - Campus Lead
Fazil Rahman
Tech Lead
Lulu Sherin
Co - Tech Lead
Media Lead
Basith P
Co - Media Lead
Aneeka S
Content Team
Content Team









Our Journey

08 October 2021

Hacktoberfest 2021 Kickoff

A session handled by Liyas Thomas, Founder and CEO of Hoppscotch (Open source API development ecosystem). He was one of the 15 recipients of GitHub open source Grants from India. He was also the User Interface Designer at Appwrite.

24 September 2021


an exciting foundation session on Python called What.py, led by Mr. Shaheen Hyder, CEO of Pygrammers.

21 August 2021


Section on resume preparation by Mr. Udesh Udayakumar, a Google Cloud Consultant at Deloitte India.

12 August 2021


Session of making engaging presentations by Ms. Nafeela N, WIT Leat at KMEA Engineering College.

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